Security On The Campaign Trail

Image Courtesy: Nathan Denett/The Canadian Press IF a federal party leader can be attacked on the campaign trail, causing a police investigation… THEN the selection and security campaign stops and locations need to be improved… BECAUSE this cannot happen anywhere. Nobody should feel threatened simply for standing up for what they believe in and tryingContinue reading “Security On The Campaign Trail”

So Much For That

Image Courtesy: Martin Chevalier/The Canadian Press IF none of the four leaders participating in yesterday’s French-language debate seemed to land a knockout blow… THEN they will have to do it during the only English-language debate next week… BECAUSE the clock is ticking. COVID-19 cases are rising, not enough people are getting vaccinated, climate change isContinue reading “So Much For That”

A Chance At Redemption

Image Courtesy: The Canadian Press IF there’s one chance where the Liberals can regain first place in public opinion… THEN tonight’s French-language debate is it… BECAUSE Erin O’Toole will be making his election-debate debut tonight, and it won’t be in his mother tongue. Justin Trudeau needs to desperately gain support in his home province ifContinue reading “A Chance At Redemption”