Back To School, Back To Lockdown?

Image Courtesy: Allison Shelley/EDUimages IF a third of all the COVID-19 cases in Manitoba are those between the ages of 0-18… THEN surely a similar trend is occurring across the country as well… BECAUSE no vaccine has been approved for those under the age of 12. And with kids going back to school this week,Continue reading “Back To School, Back To Lockdown?”

What Will Happen After This Weekend

Image Courtesy: Allison Shelley/EDUimages IF COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise in Canada and elsewhere in the world… THEN sending children back to school will undoubtedly see a massive spike in new cases… BECAUSE children under the age of 12 are still not eligible to recieve any vaccine. Meanwhile, booster shots are being discussed inContinue reading “What Will Happen After This Weekend”