Re-Tightening COVID Restrictions

Image Courtesy: Michael Burrows/Pexels IF health restrictions are restored yet again… THEN getting back to pre-COVID times will take longer… BECAUSE cases are rising again in Ontario. The good news is that this might not affect you, as the province will likely take a regional approach.

Loosening More COVID Restrictions

Image Courtesy: Michael Burrows/Pexels IF Ontario has relaxed capacity restrictions… THEN let’s hope this is the last time it has to do so… BECAUSE we can see the end of the road. Vaccinations are becoming more and more common, cases are dropping, and children ages 5-11 might also get the shot in the near future.Continue reading “Loosening More COVID Restrictions”

Backtracking Towards Common Sense

Image Courtesy: Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels IF previous modelling showed that the delta variant would cause a surge in cases… THEN British Columbia and Manitoba must be feeling pretty silly right now… BECAUSE both provinces reintroduced mask mandates today. Case counts are rising across the country as more and more vaccine mandates are set to be implementedContinue reading “Backtracking Towards Common Sense”

Loosening COVID Restrictions

Image Courtesy: Michael Burrows/Pexels IF cases are rising across the world as a result of the delta variant… THEN perhaps someone should re-think the Canada’s decision to relax border restrictions… BECAUSE it won’t end well, especially as a potential fourth wave (which one epidemiologist says has already begun) will hit youth and/or the unvaccinated theContinue reading “Loosening COVID Restrictions”