It’s Finally Here

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF Ontario’s vaccine app is now available for download… THEN the announcement should have been made before it was made available… BECAUSE this might seem like the app is either ready ahead of schedule, or released too early which will cause issues. Either way, it’s better than nothing. You can downloadContinue reading “It’s Finally Here”

Time To Follow Italy’s Lead?

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF Italy’s implementation of the “Green Pass” is successful… THEN other countries might follow suit with similar mandates… BECAUSE despite violent protests in Rome denouncing the mandate, it will work. Those who do not want to use the pass and/or get vaccinated are effectively losing their livelihood, as Kyrie Irving (inContinue reading “Time To Follow Italy’s Lead?”

Pick A Venue, But Not Any Venue

Image Courtesy: Jason Rowe/Flickr IF some venues, like indoor sporting arenas, can operate with a full capacity, but other venues, like gyms and restaurants, cannot… THEN their only hope is that cases drop, and fast… BECAUSE they are not pleased that they cannot operate under a full capacity. Paramount Fine Foods CEO Mohamad Fakih wasContinue reading “Pick A Venue, But Not Any Venue”

More And More Reasons To Get Jabbed

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF you know someone elsewhere in the country who is not vaccinated… THEN you can expect to see even less of them… BECAUSE the government’s new vaccine mandate is set to take effect. It’s becoming harder and harder to find a legitimate reason to not get the vaccine, as Andrew WigginsContinue reading “More And More Reasons To Get Jabbed”

And The Certificate Goes To…

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF the new Ontario vaccine certificate program is successful in curbing COVID-19… THEN it will be worth it… BECAUSE this is what has been needed for so long now. Quebec’s system has taken full effect, and even though cases are rising, it will likely drop thanks to the passport.

More Loopholes Equals Catastrophe

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF the Ontario government includes exemptions to the vaccine certificate policy with relatively low fines… THEN more and more people who oppose restrictions and vaccines will exploit the system… BECAUSE despite their poisonous motives and behaviour, there is a considerable movement of people who oppose any kind of restrictions. Ontario healthContinue reading “More Loopholes Equals Catastrophe”

Ontario’s About Face Pt. 2

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF Ontario’s new vaccine certificate program is coming into effect on September 22… THEN updating it to a digital version a month later should have been the initial plan… BECAUSE some people have lost their super small receipts already. Yes, you can download and print your receipts here, but the worldContinue reading “Ontario’s About Face Pt. 2”

Ontario’s About-Face

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF you say that a vaccine certificate is coming up soon… THEN cancelling a press conference about the certificate makes no sense… BECAUSE even though officials are working on/discussing a vaccine passport/certificate, journalists and citizens likely still have questions about the upcoming policy. This is especially important, given that Ontario premierContinue reading “Ontario’s About-Face”

The Tough Choice For Crown Employees

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF all employees of Crown corporations are now required to get vaccinated… THEN there might be an exodus consisting of those who are unable or unwilling to get vaccinated… BECAUSE while most of them are not opposed to all vaccines, there are scientific and practical reasons as to why some CanadiansContinue reading “The Tough Choice For Crown Employees”