Here We Go Again

Image Courtesy: Pexels IF the latest variant of concern, Omicron, reaches Canada… THEN we’ll be going back into lockdown… BECAUSE that’s what happened when other variants wreaked havoc. While vaccinations rates are high in Canada, they are not high in Africa, which is where the variant was first detected. Travel restrictions have been initiated, butContinue reading “Here We Go Again”

The Good News And The Bad News

Image Courtesy: CTV News IF cases are rising in Alberta… THEN the third dose cannot come soon enough and lockdown measures should be implemented… BECAUSE things will end up catastrophic. Luckily, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization has recommended a third COVID-19 vaccine dose for those in long-term care homes. Unluckily, Alberta Premier Jason KenneyContinue reading “The Good News And The Bad News”

Do Not Do This At Schools

Image Courtesy: Patrick Pleul/AP IF you want to protest government-related COVID-19 policies… THEN schools are not the place to do it… BECAUSE they are there to learn. If they learn that it is alright to do whatever you want without reason, anarchy will follow in the not-too-distant future.

Oh, How Ironic It Will Be

Image Courtesy: The Canadian Press IF people protesting outside hospitals regarding lockdown restrictions and the pandemic itself today think they are going to make a lasting impact… THEN it will be ironic if they catch COVID-19 and have to be treated by those same hospital workers they were denouncing… BECAUSE the truth is they willContinue reading “Oh, How Ironic It Will Be”