All Or Nothing

Image Courtesy: Sean Kilpatrick, Paul Daly, Graham Hughes, Chris Young/The Canadian Press IF a federal leader is to gain a clear advantage… THEN it will likely happen over the next two days… BECAUSE the second French-language debate will take place tonight at 8PM ET, and an English-language debate will proceed tomorrow at 9PM ET. TopicsContinue reading “All Or Nothing”

So Much For That

Image Courtesy: Martin Chevalier/The Canadian Press IF none of the four leaders participating in yesterday’s French-language debate seemed to land a knockout blow… THEN they will have to do it during the only English-language debate next week… BECAUSE the clock is ticking. COVID-19 cases are rising, not enough people are getting vaccinated, climate change isContinue reading “So Much For That”

A Chance At Redemption

Image Courtesy: The Canadian Press IF there’s one chance where the Liberals can regain first place in public opinion… THEN tonight’s French-language debate is it… BECAUSE Erin O’Toole will be making his election-debate debut tonight, and it won’t be in his mother tongue. Justin Trudeau needs to desperately gain support in his home province ifContinue reading “A Chance At Redemption”