The Aftermath of Ida

Image Courtesy: Eric Gay/AP IF over a million residents of Louisiana and Mississippi are without power… THEN the death toll as a result of Hurricane Ida will undoubtedly rise… BECAUSE this hurricane is stronger than Hurricane Katrina. All eight transmission lines feeding the city were knocked out, and utility company Entergy said it could takeContinue reading “The Aftermath of Ida”

Here Louisiana Goes Again

Image Courtesy: Scott Threlkeld/The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate IF Louisiana residents are feeling a sense of déjà vu… THEN you can’t blame them… BECAUSE Hurricane Ida has made landfall in Louisiana. The Category 4 storm hit the US mainland 16 years to the day Hurricane Katrina ravaged the state. Officials stressed that NewContinue reading “Here Louisiana Goes Again”

Potential Afghani Power Vaccum

Image Courtesy: Rahmat Gul/AP IF certain prisoners freed by the Taliban are reportedly members of the Afghan offshoot of ISIS… THEN the bombings at Kabul’s airport, reportedly carried out by ISIS members, could be the beginning of a massive power struggle between the two terrorist groups… BECAUSE despite their hatred for Western civilizations, they areContinue reading “Potential Afghani Power Vaccum”

No Turning Back Now

Image Courtesy: Ben Shread/UK Ministry of Defence IF the American deadline of the evacuation of Kabul on August 31 is forcing Canada to accelerate its own schedule… THEN surely some people will not be able to get out, even on an American flight… BECAUSE Joe Biden has resisted calls to extend the deadline to getContinue reading “No Turning Back Now”

Too Little, Too Late?

Image Courtesy: Wakil Kohsar/AFP IF an emergency G7 meeting regarding Afghanistan is only being called now… THEN you have to wonder what took world leaders so long to react… BECAUSE more and more people are becoming desperate to get out of Kabul. The British military reported that seven more people died in a crush atContinue reading “Too Little, Too Late?”