The Last Thing People Need

Image Courtesy: Alex Guibord/Flickr IF there was something Canada did not need right now… THEN it’s a federal election… BECAUSE the country is in the depth of a fourth wave of a pandemic and are facing pressure from major incidents happening across the world. The first-vaccine drive stalled as early as July (especially as childrenContinue reading “The Last Thing People Need”

The Tough Choice For Crown Employees

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF all employees of Crown corporations are now required to get vaccinated… THEN there might be an exodus consisting of those who are unable or unwilling to get vaccinated… BECAUSE while most of them are not opposed to all vaccines, there are scientific and practical reasons as to why some CanadiansContinue reading “The Tough Choice For Crown Employees”

The Unknown of a Snap Election

Image Courtesy: Alex Guibord/Flickr IF a snap election still delivers a Liberal minority government… THEN public opinion of the Liberals will definitely plummet… BECAUSE the entire exercise will have been a waste of taxpayer time and money. Even so, it might be the likely outcome, as the Liberals are in “majority territory” with 37 perContinue reading “The Unknown of a Snap Election”

The Fate of Canada-China Relations

IF Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou is extradited to the US to face charges… THEN Michael Kovrig, Michael Spavor, and Robert Schellenberg will, sadly, never come home… BECAUSE it will mark the end of Canada-China relations. The arrests of the two Michaels and Schellenberg’s death sentence were largely seen as retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Meng.Continue reading “The Fate of Canada-China Relations”

Loosening COVID Restrictions

Image Courtesy: Michael Burrows/Pexels IF cases are rising across the world as a result of the delta variant… THEN perhaps someone should re-think the Canada’s decision to relax border restrictions… BECAUSE it won’t end well, especially as a potential fourth wave (which one epidemiologist says has already begun) will hit youth and/or the unvaccinated theContinue reading “Loosening COVID Restrictions”

Canada’s Great Day in Tokyo

Image Courtesy: IF this isn’t the best day Canada has had at this year’s Summer Olympics… THEN you would be hard-pressed to find a better day… BECAUSE there were so many emotional victories. Evan Dunfee won bronze in the 50km race walk, Moh Ahmed winning his first medal (silver in the 5,000m), Andre DeContinue reading “Canada’s Great Day in Tokyo”