There’s Another One

Image Courtesy: Justin Tang/The Canadian Press IF Haydn Edmunson is the latest high-ranking member of the Canadian military to be charged with sexual assault… THEN you have to ask yourself how many more of these people are still hidden… BECAUSE there are likely more. There have been other members of the military who have beenContinue reading “There’s Another One”

Gary’s Presumptive Closer

Image Courtesy: Mary Altaffer/CP IF NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is not removed or does not step down… THEN he never will… BECAUSE his defence of the league’s conduct in light of the Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault scandal leaves much to be desired. From saying that any disputes of Kyle Beach’s accusations are in the eyeContinue reading “Gary’s Presumptive Closer”

Uhh, Really Gary?

Image Courtesy: USA Today IF you fine a team $2 million for a cover-up of a sexual assault… THEN you clearly don’t care about the issue… BECAUSE this is a slap on the wrist. The NHL fined the New Jersey Devils were fined $3 million for their role in signing Ilya Kovalchuk to the now-infamousContinue reading “Uhh, Really Gary?”