Biden Finally Gets His Way

Image Courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr IF Joe Biden needed a victory.. THEN he finally has one… BECAUSE Congress passed a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill after much deliberation. Biden has so far failed to convince Americans and the world of his pedigree as the American President. His failure in Afghanistan and wasted COVID-19 vaccines are among his lowlights,Continue reading “Biden Finally Gets His Way”

Maybe This Was A Bad Idea…

Image Courtesy: Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press IF the people at the Liberal Party thought holding an election right now was a good idea… THEN those who first came up with the idea may not have a job soon… BECAUSE the Conservatives and NDP are making progress, while the Liberals are backtracking. The Tories are nowContinue reading “Maybe This Was A Bad Idea…”

Potential Afghani Power Vaccum

Image Courtesy: Rahmat Gul/AP IF certain prisoners freed by the Taliban are reportedly members of the Afghan offshoot of ISIS… THEN the bombings at Kabul’s airport, reportedly carried out by ISIS members, could be the beginning of a massive power struggle between the two terrorist groups… BECAUSE despite their hatred for Western civilizations, they areContinue reading “Potential Afghani Power Vaccum”

No Turning Back Now

Image Courtesy: Ben Shread/UK Ministry of Defence IF the American deadline of the evacuation of Kabul on August 31 is forcing Canada to accelerate its own schedule… THEN surely some people will not be able to get out, even on an American flight… BECAUSE Joe Biden has resisted calls to extend the deadline to getContinue reading “No Turning Back Now”

Too Little, Too Late?

Image Courtesy: Wakil Kohsar/AFP IF an emergency G7 meeting regarding Afghanistan is only being called now… THEN you have to wonder what took world leaders so long to react… BECAUSE more and more people are becoming desperate to get out of Kabul. The British military reported that seven more people died in a crush atContinue reading “Too Little, Too Late?”

What It’s Like to Get People Out of Afghanistan, Or Not

Image Courtesy: Shekib Rahmani/AP IF you think Canada’s doomed involvement in Afghanistan could not get worse… THEN thing again… BECAUSE a journalist that was captured by the Taliban in 2007 believes Canada’s plan to resettle 21,000 Afghans will fail. Qais Azimy, known for venturing into Taliban territory throughout his time in his native Afghanistan, hasContinue reading “What It’s Like to Get People Out of Afghanistan, Or Not”

The High Price of Freedom

Image Courtesy: Wakil Kohsar/AFP IF Afghan citizens are willing to hop on to planes to flee… THEN more needs to be done to re-settle those who are willing to risk their lives… BECAUSE seven people have already died in the chaos at Kabul’s main airport, some of whom fell from planes as they gained altitude.Continue reading “The High Price of Freedom”

The Last Thing People Need

Image Courtesy: Alex Guibord/Flickr IF there was something Canada did not need right now… THEN it’s a federal election… BECAUSE the country is in the depth of a fourth wave of a pandemic and are facing pressure from major incidents happening across the world. The first-vaccine drive stalled as early as July (especially as childrenContinue reading “The Last Thing People Need”