Tagging Along

IF there was something that was obvious… THEN it’s Canada’s diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Olympic Games in China… BECAUSE the U.S. did it two days ago. Some say that a diplomatic boycott does not go far enough, but a full boycott will likely never happen again. Athletes train for four years for this moment,Continue reading “Tagging Along”

Setting A Precedent?

IF the U.S. has staged a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Olympics… THEN look for Canada to follow suit… BECAUSE Canada’s more recent history with China is also complicated. The saga regarding the two Michaels and Meng Wanzhou has seen relations plummet. Not to mention that other countries like Australia are also considering a boycottContinue reading “Setting A Precedent?”


Image Courtesy: Brad Mangin/Sports Illustrated via Getty IF you’re a sports fan… THEN it has not the best week for you… BECAUSE the MLB has been locked out since Wednesday, the Canadian women’s junior field hockey team is stuck in South Africa, NHL superstars Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid are being urged to not travelContinue reading “Booooooooo”

Gary’s Presumptive Closer

Image Courtesy: Mary Altaffer/CP IF NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is not removed or does not step down… THEN he never will… BECAUSE his defence of the league’s conduct in light of the Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault scandal leaves much to be desired. From saying that any disputes of Kyle Beach’s accusations are in the eyeContinue reading “Gary’s Presumptive Closer”

Uhh, Really Gary?

Image Courtesy: USA Today IF you fine a team $2 million for a cover-up of a sexual assault… THEN you clearly don’t care about the issue… BECAUSE this is a slap on the wrist. The NHL fined the New Jersey Devils were fined $3 million for their role in signing Ilya Kovalchuk to the now-infamousContinue reading “Uhh, Really Gary?”

A Welcome Change

Image Courtesy: Owen Humphreys/PA IF there’s something we wanted to see… THEN it’s football fans and players working together to save someone’s life… BECAUSE football fans have recently been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. After fans racially abused three black English players online after the Euro 2020 final, as well as multipleContinue reading “A Welcome Change”

USA Gymnastics Blasted By Nassar Victims

Image Courtesy: Saul Loeb/AP IF it took this long for Congress to hear the failings of the “entire system” that is USA Gymnastics… THEN it will take decades for the trust to return, if it ever does… BECAUSE if Larry Nassar was convicted in 2018, surely someone, whether in government or in USA Gymnastics, didContinue reading “USA Gymnastics Blasted By Nassar Victims”

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Image Courtesy: Sportinfoto/DeFodi Images IF there’s one thing the world needed right now… THEN it’s the current soccer football transfer window… BECAUSE another global superstar is on the move. Sergio Aguero, Sergio Ramos, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish, Lionel Messi, Romelu Lukaku, Raphael Varane, and now, Cristiano Ronaldo, are all big names that haveContinue reading “The Gift That Keeps On Giving”

The Relative Success of Tokyo 2020

Image Courtesy: Dick Thomas Johnson/Flickr IF typical Olympics are meant to, at least temporarily, inspire people around the world and provide joy… THEN Tokyo 2020 did that, at least to a certain degree… BECAUSE even with cases are rising around the world, especially in Tokyo and Japan which caused mixed emotions among the Japanese public,Continue reading “The Relative Success of Tokyo 2020”

Canada’s Great Day in Tokyo

Image Courtesy: canadasoccer.ca IF this isn’t the best day Canada has had at this year’s Summer Olympics… THEN you would be hard-pressed to find a better day… BECAUSE there were so many emotional victories. Evan Dunfee won bronze in the 50km race walk, Moh Ahmed winning his first medal (silver in the 5,000m), Andre DeContinue reading “Canada’s Great Day in Tokyo”