Another One Bites The Dust

Image Courtesy: Cole Burston/The Canadian Press IF you are a party leader and you fail to win your own seat in the previous three elections… THEN it should be clear that you will never win and you need to step aside… BECAUSE because it will never happen again. Never has that been truer for AnnamieContinue reading “Another One Bites The Dust”

A Risky Conservative Game

Image Courtesy: Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press IF the Conservatives are undecided about what to do regarding Erin O’Toole’s leadership… THEN they had better make a firm decision soon… BECAUSE the party risks going into civil war. The risk of this occuring is that the party becomes a shell of its former self. If you needContinue reading “A Risky Conservative Game”

It Might As Well Have Not Happened

Image Courtesy: Alex Guibord/Flickr IF the Liberals’ plan to get a majority government in a snap election backfired… THEN Justin Trudeau’s leadership will undoubtedly be called into question… BECAUSE even though some ridings have not declared the race yet, the most seats any party gained or lost was two. $610 million is the estimated costContinue reading “It Might As Well Have Not Happened”

Here We Go

Image Courtesy: Sean Kilpatrick, Paul Daly, Graham Hughes, Chris Young/The Canadian Press IF there’s one thing dominating Canadian news right now… THEN it’s the federal election… BECAUSE it’s a federal election. At the time of writing, polls have closed in every time zone, and the Pacific time zone polls have just closed. However, due toContinue reading “Here We Go”

Near The End

Image Courtesy: Sean Kilpatrick, Paul Daly, Graham Hughes, Chris Young/The Canadian Press IF there are under 24 hours until voting opens in a federal election across the country… THEN all the party leaders should, and are, appealing to undecided voters at the last minute… BECAUSE this election has become too close to call. Nanos hasContinue reading “Near The End”

He Said, She Said

Image Courtesy: Reuters IF former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says the full story of the SNC-Lavalin scandal has yet to be told… THEN it never will… BECAUSE Justin Trudeau will try his best to make sure the truth never gets out. While Trudeau claims he never wanted the soon-to-be former MP for Vancouver Granville toContinue reading “He Said, She Said”

How To Not Pull Ahead In An Election

Image Courtesy: Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press IF you thought yesterday’s only English-language debate was akin to a dumpster fire… THEN you might as well have watched an actual dumpster fire… BECAUSE nobody could pick a ‘winner’ in the debate. It was so difficult to pick a candidate that stood out that CTV consulted a body-languageContinue reading “How To Not Pull Ahead In An Election”

All Or Nothing Pt. 2

Image Courtesy: Sean Kilpatrick, Paul Daly, Graham Hughes, Chris Young/The Canadian Press IF a federal leader is to gain a clear advantage… THEN it will likely happen tonight… BECAUSE the only English-language debate will proceed tomorrow at 9PM ET. Topics that will be debated include climate change, the cost of living, Crown-Indigenous relations, and theContinue reading “All Or Nothing Pt. 2”