Ring Ring, It’s Family Drama

Image Courtesy: Chris Young/The Canadian Press IF you thought Edward Rogers would sit back and do nothing after a successful coup of the company his father started… THEN you are sorely mistaken… BECAUSE Joe Natale is out as CEO of Rogers Communications, even after Rogers said he would stay. Tony Staffieri is the new interimContinue reading “Ring Ring, It’s Family Drama”

Time To Explore Our Own Backyard

Image Courtesy: Peter J. Thompson/Financial Post/File IF you plan on going on vacation outside Canada this winter… THEN you should prepare to shell out a few extra bucks… BECAUSE PCR tests that are required to re-enter Canada cost anywhere from $150-300. Thanks to the added cost, Rick Mercer’s final on-air rant as well as oneContinue reading “Time To Explore Our Own Backyard”

The Drama Continues

Image Courtesy: Chris Young/The Canadian Press IF you’ve been ousted as the chairman of a board of directors and you’re still trying to pull strings to get what you want… THEN don’t be surprised when those in control at said board reject any moves you make… BECAUSE it’s not your call anymore. The drama atContinue reading “The Drama Continues”

How Not To Launch A Business Coup

Image Courtesy: Chris Young/The Canadian Press IF Edward Rogers never had the support of everyone else on the Rogers Communications Inc. board… THEN launching a coup without your family’s support should never have happened… BECAUSE his “invalid” challenge to remove five board members has made him look incompetent. His demotion as chairman seems like aContinue reading “How Not To Launch A Business Coup”

It’s Coming, And Nothing Can Be Done

Image Courtesy: TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay IF you’ve noticed that gas prices are rising to high levels lately… THEN you’re not alone, and completely correct… BECAUSE the world is suddenly facing an energy crisis. The world is re-opening after vaccinations are becoming more widespread, and people are in a rush to see the world again. The UK isContinue reading “It’s Coming, And Nothing Can Be Done”

Flouting Tax Rules Pt. 3

Image Courtesy: Pixabay IF you thought the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers leaks were bad… THEN brace yourself… BECAUSE the newly-released Pandora Papers leak is even bigger, in terms of the amount of data. 2.94 terabytes of data containing 11.9 million files detail how, despite the promise of crackdowns from governments across the world,Continue reading “Flouting Tax Rules Pt. 3”