Too Little, Too Late?

Image Courtesy: Wakil Kohsar/AFP IF an emergency G7 meeting regarding Afghanistan is only being called now… THEN you have to wonder what took world leaders so long to react… BECAUSE more and more people are becoming desperate to get out of Kabul. The British military reported that seven more people died in a crush atContinue reading “Too Little, Too Late?”

Overwhelmed, Now Understaffed

Image Courtesy: CTV News IF you don’t know where the worst place to be in the country is… THEN prepare to have your innocence removed… BECAUSE it’s the B.C. interior. Health-care staff are overwhelmed due to wildfires that continue to ravage the region, and a fourth wave of COVID-19 is causing some nurses to resign.Continue reading “Overwhelmed, Now Understaffed”

What It’s Like to Get People Out of Afghanistan, Or Not

Image Courtesy: Shekib Rahmani/AP IF you think Canada’s doomed involvement in Afghanistan could not get worse… THEN thing again… BECAUSE a journalist that was captured by the Taliban in 2007 believes Canada’s plan to resettle 21,000 Afghans will fail. Qais Azimy, known for venturing into Taliban territory throughout his time in his native Afghanistan, hasContinue reading “What It’s Like to Get People Out of Afghanistan, Or Not”

Vaccine Mandates for Toronto Employees

Image Courtesy: U.S. Secretary of Defense/Flickr IF City of Toronto and TTC employees are now required to be vaccinated… THEN the Toronto Police Service needs to review their policy as soon as possible… BECAUSE public faith in Toronto police officers has been abysmal for over a year, especially thanks to incidents relating to homeless encampmentsContinue reading “Vaccine Mandates for Toronto Employees”

Lesson To Be Learned From Nova Scotia

Image Courtesy: Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press IF the election result in Nova Scotia is anything to go by… THEN the federal Liberals will have a lot of work to do in this campaign… BECAUSE they likely won’t be able to campaign strictly on their response to the pandemic. The Progressive Conservatives overturned a Liberal minorityContinue reading “Lesson To Be Learned From Nova Scotia”

Vaccine Mandates for More Ontarians

Image Courtesy: U.S. Secretary of Defense/Flickr IF the federal government required employees of Crown corporations to get vaccinated… THEN it should come as no surprise that Ontario is now implementing a similar directive for other important demographics… BECAUSE according to Ontario’s chief medical officer, Dr. Kieran Moore, “a difficult fall and winter” is anticipated. MapleContinue reading “Vaccine Mandates for More Ontarians”

The High Price of Freedom

Image Courtesy: Wakil Kohsar/AFP IF Afghan citizens are willing to hop on to planes to flee… THEN more needs to be done to re-settle those who are willing to risk their lives… BECAUSE seven people have already died in the chaos at Kabul’s main airport, some of whom fell from planes as they gained altitude.Continue reading “The High Price of Freedom”

The Last Thing People Need

Image Courtesy: Alex Guibord/Flickr IF there was something Canada did not need right now… THEN it’s a federal election… BECAUSE the country is in the depth of a fourth wave of a pandemic and are facing pressure from major incidents happening across the world. The first-vaccine drive stalled as early as July (especially as childrenContinue reading “The Last Thing People Need”

The Unluckiest Of Countries

Image Courtesy: SSGT Jeremy T. Lock, USAF/The U.S. National Archives IF it only takes major offensives by either nature or terrorists to make the world pay attention to atrocities… THEN foreign policy needs a major rethink… BECAUSE countries like Haiti and Afghanistan have never gotten breaks, especially as of late. Haiti is in the middleContinue reading “The Unluckiest Of Countries”

The Tough Choice For Crown Employees

Image Courtesy: Marco Verch/Flickr IF all employees of Crown corporations are now required to get vaccinated… THEN there might be an exodus consisting of those who are unable or unwilling to get vaccinated… BECAUSE while most of them are not opposed to all vaccines, there are scientific and practical reasons as to why some CanadiansContinue reading “The Tough Choice For Crown Employees”