Welcome to the If Then Because blog! This is the place where the biggest news stories in Canada and around the world are summarized using the “if, then, because” hypothetical format. Major news stories always provides the opportunity for the future outlook to be debated, and that is another purpose of the If Then Because blog.

Each day, the world’s biggest news story will be summarized using the “if, then, because” format. Information about each story will be provided, as well as links to the articles if you would like to read more about it. Naturally, each story will have an opinion provided, but it will definitely not be the only opinion. Feel free to voice your opinions either in the comments below or on social media, but please make sure they are respectful and not malicious. The stories can be about anything, and that helps you stay up to date with the biggest stories in a variety of fields. Politics, business, science, health, sports, you name it.

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The news never stops. And neither does speculation. This is the place where both are combined.

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